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Local Attractions

The hamlet of Torworth, aside from it's historical interest also has great natural resources.

The whole village and surrounding area were owned by Viscount Galway's Family as part of the Serlby Estate. The free-draining sand land has always been predominantly agricultural, and in pre-enclosure times the estate farmers lived mostly on Low Street, they walked to the open fields outside the village and drew their water from one of the two village pumps which would have been situated on the village green - one of these pumps can still be found on Low street. Nowadays, the surrounding farmland can be irrigated and a wide variety of crops including carrots, potatos, malting barley, sugar beet and various 'low input' herbs for the pharmaceutical industry are grown.


Sand and gravel resources are high in the area, which has inevitably led to quarrying.

In the long term, this has benefitted the area's flora and fauna as Lakes, Nature reserves  and conservation areas have been created as a result of the sites' restoration.


So, as a result of the above, there are a great many attractive walks local to the village which can be enjoyed for the day or longer if staying at the local caravan and camping site

(Stonewell Field Caravan Park) or Hotels or B&B's.

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